• Connect MS Website & Broadband App

    Developed by Mississippi State University Extension's Center for Technology Outreach, the Connect MS web and mobile apps allow users to search for broadband providers based on their location. The Connect MS website serves as the launchpad for the Connect MS project.

  • 4-H Robotics Youth Development Program

    The main objective of this coding curriculum is to expose children 5 to 8 to coding activities, including robotics.

  • Tourism Technology

    Most Mississippi communities have historic or natural resources that have the potential to attract visitors boosting local economies. However, many of these communities do not have the high-speed Internet connectivity or skills needed to effectively leverage the technology tourists increasingly demand and local businesses need.

  • Intelligent Community Outreach

    MSU Extension was recently designated an Institute of the Intelligent Community Forum with the objective of helping rural communities transition to, plan for, and prosper in the digital age. This project seeks to expand the number of Mississippi communities participating in this program.

  • Telehealth Education

    Leveraging on an existent telehealth education project in partnership with the University of Mississippi Medical Center – Center for Telehealth, additional funding will help expand this project. Presentations to increase awareness on the various forms of telehealth and its benefits will be conducted including rural hospitals and clinics.

  • E-Commerce Education

    The broadband economy is expected to reach $4.2 trillion dollars next year among the G-20 economies. Therefore, e-commerce is a powerful tool for rural businesses to expand their market and revenues. This project will expand our e-commerce education and technical assistance to Mississippi entrepreneurs and businesses.