Telehealth Education

Telehealth is becoming an important venue through which to provide medical services to not only rural and relatively isolated areas, but also more people in general. In addition, it has the potential to increase the quality of life of rural areas particularly. For these reasons, funds obtained from Connect Mississippi were used to increase awareness among residents and rural clinics/hospitals alike about this technology.

Efforts were made to increase awareness regarding this important technology to a diverse group of stakeholders ranging from residents to rural clinics to medical staff. A total of twenty-three presentations/meetings were completed (as of May 2015) reaching one-hundred and twenty-three people.

Though it is too soon to document outcomes (more rural hospitals and rural clinics offering telehealth, increase in number of rural patients using the service, etc.) of these outreach efforts, an increase in awareness was accomplished. Grant possibilities with other statewide agencies were jumpstarted thanks to this project and hopefully will result in additional funding to promote and make this important technology more available.